a fund to rebuild lives

Real Estate
Endowment Fund

Our goal is to enable non-profit organisations to continue serving the vulnerable and expanding their reach into Africa. Through our carefully considered real estate investments, we have created an income generating real estate portfolio that will continue to deliver consistent returns for years to come. These funds are then distributed to NPOs, to empower them to keep improving the lives of those in need.

How It Works

Our property portfolio is carefully curated to be sustainable. With the principal value kept intact, the investment income is made available for public benefit every year.

Our structure for managing and conserving this pool of real estate investments is solely to enable the fulfilment of the vision of the Aslan Trust. The more the portfolio grows, the more the NPO’s grow.  

"Each opportunity and investment have
its own impact story."

Businesses Under
Property Endowment Fund

Part of the vision of The Aslan Trust is to give hope to the vulnerable and marginalised across Africa. Whether it is a church, a community centre or a farm creating job opportunities, each property within our portfolio has its own impact story.