Contributing to the deeper needs of humanity

The Impact Fund

The Aslan Trust was found with the intention of giving back, which was the reason why we started the Impact Fund. The drive behind the fund is Redemptive Capital. The concept of redemptive capital or redemptive entrepreneurship views investing as an opportunity – not to earn more for ourselves, but rather to earn more for others. It creates the structure and backbone to give back to the community.

Our vision is to see the lives of low-income South Africans multiply and thrive.

We look to invest for impact with impact.



Investments that adopt the Venture Philanthropy approach (through highly engaged grant-making or social investment) which supports innovative solutions to pressing societal issues while providing in-depth non-financial support.



Investments need to guarantee a certain financial return alongside social impact, which ultimately means investing in proven solutions and/or organisations with viable business models and have access to large pools of resources.


our approach

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